What are the most expensive cars to repair?

Running and repair costs are an important factor when deciding on the right used car. But the fact is, they do sometimes go wrong and repairs are inevitable part of car ownership. However, no one wants to be faced with excessive repair bills every time something small needs fixing. So, we’ve pulled together some handy advice on what the most expensive repairs are, as well as the most expensive makes and models to mend.

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It goes without saying, some cars are more expensive to repair than others – depending on what goes wrong.


According to Haynes, these are the mostly costly things that are likely to go wrong at some point during its lifetime. Some of these are simply as a result of wear and tear and others thanks to poor care or a lack of maintenance. But it’s also worth knowing about the day to day fixes – the small things that can go wrong at any time.

Data collated and published by whocanfixmycar.com, shows that the most expensive premium cars to repair, based on the average cost of repair are:

Make and model

Average Cost of repair (£)

Land Rover Freelander



239. 18

Jaguar X Type


Land Rover Discovery


Audi A4


Audi A3


BMW 1 Series


BMW 3 Series


Audi A6


Range Rover Sport




Lexus LS


Volvo C30


Mercedes A Class


Audi A1



While it may look like a less than flattering picture, research found that, when compared with non-premium cars, premium brands are in fact not that much more expensive to repair. Good news if you’ve got your eye on a premium marque.

And what are the costliest things that could go wrong with your car?

Here is a list of the 10 most expensive jobs according to whocanfixmycar:

  1. Respray - £847.51
  2. Clutch and dual mass flywheel replacement - £750.54
  3. Timing chain - £578.38
  4. Manual gearbox - £570.96
  5. Turbo - £560.84
  6. Head gasket - £ 531.00
  7. Auto gearbox - £525.30
  8. Accident repairs - £493.99
  9. Clutch replacement - £443.66

Of course, there are simple things you can do to avoid these costlier repairs. Make sure you look after the small regular maintenance jobs on your car and that you adhere to the servicing intervals as specified by the manufacturer. It’s also worth thinking about getting a used car warranty when buying your new car to cover the cost of some of those bigger jobs.


Finding the most reliable car you can afford within your budget is key – so do your research and  think about the key considerations when searching for a used car.

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